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So nice to e-meet you here! If you need a translation or just would like to know  about the content in text, just let me know and I will assist you. In addition to translations and consultations, I offer writing services, proofreading, book reviews, courses in Polish and Swedish etc. See below...

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My competence and experience can be the answer to your needs.



Interesting article about languages and translations:

 The Fundamental Reason Why Machine Translations Can Never Replace Translators by  

Masaharu Hayataki 






I provide translations into Swedish and Polish.

Source languages:






Spanish and German





If your language is not listed above, feel free to contact me anyway. My fellow translators will be happy to help you!


A selection of my services:

  • Documents

    Translations of technical, medical and legal documents. Forensic and juridical translations.

  • Movies | Theatre | TV

    Translations of movies, radio and TV-programmes. Transcriptions.

  • Literature & Arts

    Literary translations. Newspaper articles, blogs etc.

  • Projects & Drawings

    Translations of technical drawings and projects, auction sales documents, construction documents etc.

  • Language Courses

    Language courses in Swedish and Polish.

  • Websites | SEO | Mobile

    Translations of websites, catalouges etc. Localisation, transcreation & SEO. Mobile applications etc.

  • Health & Medicine

    Translation of medical records/ doctor's certificates and epicrisis. Laboratory analysis and results. Reports and evaluations. Correspondence and enquiries. Certificate, insurance documents etc.

  • Veterinary | Agriculture

    Translation within agriculture and farming, biomedicine, veterinary, livestock and animal keeping, breeding etc.
    Medical records, certificates, evaluations.
    Correspondence and enquiries,
    insurance documents etc.

  • Studies & Education

    Translation of proof of registration, opinions, grades, certificates, diplomas.
    Thesis, examinations.
    Study programmes, certifications, psychological reports and evaluations.

  • Language in Business

    Translation of contracts, negotiation documents, offers and bankruptcy documentation.
    Marketing, market research and commercials. Accounting documents, tax return, requests and applications. Business culture.
    Correspondence. Language support and guidance within your business, contacts with business partners etc.

  • Private Affairs

    Translation of correspondence and documents. Overview translations, descriptions and summaries of documents, writings, letters etc. Language consultations. Support and help within contacts with private parties and authorities, including authority search, job search etc.

  • Pro Bono Publico

    Translations and support for private individuals as well as foundations, aid and culture organisations, sports organisations etc.

Welcome to my Word Workshop, where unclear contents suddenly make sense. 

​Non verbum e verbo sed sensum exprimere de sensu

Ilona Meriluoto-Sparby